[CQ-Contest] 3830 scores reflector needs a new list owner

Jim Reisert ad1c at contesting.com
Thu Feb 5 12:18:24 EST 1998

I have been the list owner of 3830 for a year or two, and I need
someone else to take over this responsibility.

The main duties include unsubscribing bouncing E-mail addresses,
redirecting wayward administrative requests sent to the list, but must
importantly, forwarding scores.  Scores are accepted automatically
without operator intervention if the poster is subscribed to 3830 or
cq-contest.  Manual intervention is required for non-subscribers.
This is done due to the great deal of SPAM (unsolicited E-mail) out
there.  Unfortunately, many people post to 3830 who DO NOT subscribe
to 3830 or cq-contest.  The problem is especially bad just after the
major contests (ARRL DX, CQ WW etc.).

If you're willing to help out the contest community, please reply to
me directly.  If you are using Netscape as your E-mail client, thanks
anyway but it's very difficult to manage the lists using Netscape.  I
can give "lifetime" user support, but I just can't be involved in the
day-to-day activity any more.

Thanks & 73 - Jim AD1C
AD1C at contesting.com

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