[CQ-Contest] PACC Contest

Hans P. Blondeel Timmerman pa3ebt at wxs.nl
Sat Feb 7 13:33:04 EST 1998

Don't forget the PACC Contest next weekend!

Dates and Hours: February 14 and 15, 1998; 1200Z - 1200Z

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters SSB QSOs on 160 are not allowed

Modes: CW and SSB

Entry classes: Single operator; multi operator; SWL

Exchange: RS(T)+serial number, start from 001. Dutch stations transmit
their Province
abbreviation: GR, FR, DR, OV, GD, UT, NH, ZH, FL, ZL, NB, LB (12).

QSO Points: Each QSO with a PA/PB/PI station yields one point. A station
may be worked only
once per band, regardless of the mode.

Multiplier: One multiplier per Province, per band. Maximum 6*12=72.

Final score: The total of all QSO points on all bands, multiplied by the
total of all multiplier points
on all bands (a la CQWW).

SWLs: Each different Dutch station per band counts for one point.
Complete exchange of both
Dutch and foreign station must be logged.

Logs: Separate sheet per band, submit score calculation. Multipliers
should appear only when new.
Please sign log for observation of the contest rules.

Mail log not later than March 31st, 1998 to:

     Hans P. Blondeel Timmerman PA3EBT
     Nieuweweg 21
     4031 MN Ingen
     Netherlands, Europe

Or email to pa3ebt at wxs.nl

Awards: A contest certificate will be awarded to the high scorers in
each country in each entry
class. No fee.

The PACC Award can be obtained for working 100 different PA/PB/PI
stations in the PACC
Contest, without submitting QSLs. Send application together with contest
log and USD 6,- fee to
contest organizer.

Hans P. Blondeel Timmerman
The PACC Contest Site:     http://home.wxs.nl/~pa3ebt/home.html

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://www.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
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