[CQ-Contest] 4 squares

Gary A. Nieborsky PE k7fr at televar.com
Sat Feb 7 09:47:37 EST 1998

After visiting Toni, N0NI, I have been instilled with the urge to replace
my slopers on 80M with a 4 square array. 

Space is not a problem.


1. Spacing of array.  Putting the posts in the ground to support the
verticals makes this a pretty permanent installation.  How exact is the
spacing? What did you use?

2. Radials.  This is always a great debate.  Toni has 2 elevated ones per
element.  I've seen posts for 1 to N (N = integer from 1 to a bunch).  What
say?  I'm set on using elevated ones......makes plowing and mowing a lot

3. Matching.  Comtek units are advertised but can I achieve nirvana going
the homebrew route?

4. Terrain.  The field I'm going to use is in a slight depression.  The
elevation difference is about 15 feet over a 500' span.  I can compensate
by placing two of the elements up slope so that their bases are level to
the higher terrain and then raising the base point of the two down slope
elements to that level.  Or I can ignore it and place all four elements on
the flat part of the depression?  Is it a problem?

Thanks for the input!

Gary K7FR

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