[CQ-Contest] IARU Contest Comments

Gediminas Lucinskas ly3ba at floyd.ktu.lt
Wed Feb 11 00:47:38 EST 1998

> Just about the recent cheating message I agree with NH7A regarding the
> to start to publishing the log on the net and let other people see what
> are up to.

> need a clear answer to these question.
> the last five years the IARU results didn't reflect the operator
> capabilities.

Good sugestion to be a Winner. You dont need to swich your TRX at all to
a Winner! All you need is to get old copy of the Int./NA Callbook and
signed summare sheet  I guess. 
Sorry, but this is almost true! Couple of years ago one LY station took
part in
the IARU Contest in the Mixed category and made TOP TEN score. Accidently
Summary sheet had showed wrong class - CW. Guess what happened! 
The stations Callsign was placed in the CW Top Ten Box inspite of
more than 1000 SSB QSOs. A lot of QSOs were made on both SSB and CW
with the same station on the same band of course!! 
This example shows extremely bad referee in the IARU RADIOSPORTS 
CHAMPIONSHIP and extremely good base for cheating.

What to do??

First of all We shoud consider the name of this particular contest sounds
IARU RADIOSPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP! The Winner becomes a IARU Radiosports
Champion. Sounds like ever higher title in our Hobby.
I simply wondering where IARU waste members money? Contest Community is
not very small among the whole Amateurs. Therefore, I think IARU should
pay bit more attention for us, not only for WARC, Satelites etc.

Actualy, I can see two solutions over here:
1. To change the  name of the Contest to less assuming one,or move it to
April 1st. 
2. To borrow pratice of the best referee Contest - EU HF CHAMPIONSHIP, good
    referee Contest - CQ WW DX, various Sprint Contests.

I understand is not easy to fullfile requirements of the second solution.
But, I would prefer this one anyway, as well as many many other Contesters
I guess.

73's Gedas,LY3BA

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