[CQ-Contest] RA0AX about IARU Contests

rz3bw rz3bw at com2com.ru
Thu Feb 12 11:54:59 EST 1998

Hi, contest folks!
The discussion regarding the IARU contest is really touched something 
I've always thought that this is the ONLY contest where all participants
are even. So we at UK0AMM is 80's and RK0AXX/RW0A in 90's sometime 
were in TOP TEN multi single. Novadays the results of some fellows 
beyond the reality. In terms of common sense I do agree with I4UFH but
this is nothing to do with rules. This is inside us - to be Number ONE 
and be noticed - the only human engine.
The rules are good enough. There are many cheating in CQ WW and other 
contests as well as in IARU, but judges are doing their jobs very well.
I do ask IARU contest commitee to change the procedure and make it more 
strict against cheating.
This is my personal opinion.
73! Victor / ex-RA0AX / 
Singapore, wahgo at singnet.com.sg

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