[CQ-Contest] RE: Rookieness

Tom Horton ksiid at access.mountain.net
Thu Feb 12 12:19:20 EST 1998

 I'm rookier than you!!! I made my first un-assisted RTTY QSO this morning.
Not too bad after 40+ years on the air. Now if I could just learn to type.I
think that I might learn that right after I learn how to send code.
73, CU this weekend, Rookie!

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>I noticed that one of the plaques is for a "Rookie Category".  Since I
>am still in my first year of RTTY operation I am going for this one!
>While RTTY won't replace CW as my preferred operating mode, it is fun to
>go back to the beginning of a new challenge.  With the software
>available today, anyone with Windows 95 and a Sound card can do RTTY.
>Check it out!
>Randy, K5ZD
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