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rz3bw rz3bw at com2com.ru
Thu Feb 12 14:08:41 EST 1998

I have problem with read I4MPY message with IE 4.0. All text was in subj.
I translate this in normal view:

[CQ-Contest] Re: IARU contest/results  Ham radio is a hobby, but a lot of
 people dedicates a lot of time and money to it, taking it seriously.
  To "take it seriously" it's not a sign to be abnormal, but a sort of
 for the hobby and the people dealing with.    Concerning IARU results, it's
 to the stones that something  is wrong in the results of the last 5 years,
at least
 in the mixed modes categories, but I can't believe that one of the major
  association could have or support a contest committe deliberately
  behaving like someone (see above) told becuse upset.
   I can't believe the IARU organization itself could accept a shameful
  managing of it's main HF contest, expecially if it is true what it was
told to me, that IARU is the only contest where checkers are payed.
  In the IARU, a committee who's not doing at all it's job would really
 make fun of the amateur community, not only of contesters, and this
 couldn't be acceptable by anyone.    This is my opinion, and because
 of it I think what was noticed is due to the rules aging and to a weak
 checking method, may be both in junction with a lack in the attention
 and some mistake, no one is perfect.    A thief robbed ?
 Well, he only is the bad one to punish but it is not  correct to accuse
who represent the law as the reason of stolen gear.   On the other hand,
if a "law" is evidently proved to be not actual, beeing easily cheatable
(ie. the guilty can't be found or proven), there is a very urgent need to
act for changing things in the best possible way.   If later, in front of
the evidence, nothing changes, the "law men", those who should act in
 the rules in our case, also become  responsible of the sin, and should be
before the damages  becomes unrepairable, by more qualified ones.  It's a
pity if a
great contest like the IARU will drop in interest, but if nothing changes
about rules
or checking, I'll evaluate the  opportunity to use that July week-end for
summer purposes, weather is pretty nice in that period. I feel I'm not alone
 this thought.

  Mauri I4JMY (one of IR4T)

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