[CQ-Contest] IARU Results

Al Crespo nh7a at radiomaui.com
Thu Feb 12 18:19:05 EST 1998

Every year I realize   CQWW reduces my score because I had "busted" calls in
my log . They make sure you get a penalty for sloppy logging when you get
too tired to get the call correctly.
     I grumble about this practice, but I realize it must be done because
 there is no "honor system" in contesting and otherwise, a few jerks
would  just insert calls and multipliers out of thin air and ruin the entire
contest for all.
    It appears the IARU contest has reached the point that  it is no longer
a creditable contest. The participants are being cheated by a few
individuals and it should not continue as presently formatted.
    For many, a contest in the middle of summer, with an increase in
sunspots, is an enjoyable time of the year to combine a vacation and contest
together. It is also a better time of the year to put up an antenna!
    Perhaps a committee of log checkers like CQWW should appear to help the
    I would volunteer to be on the committee. Anybody else want to volunteer
and form a committee  of 12 or so?
    Naturally, the entire log submitting would need to be changed, with
emphasis on e mail and disks   rather then paper log.  It would be great if
someone from the CQWW Committee would also be on this committee  so as to
not have to re-invent the wheel .
    I ceased operating in this contest  because of the 24 format. No
international contest should restrict itself to just 24 hours. It narrows
the number of stations that can be worked since many people can spend a few
hours spread over a weekend, rather then just one day. If  you have a
commitment  during that 24 hour period, but would have been free to
operate the other 24 hours, that just hurts the competitive  contest
stations. This  however, is another issue.

                                                        Aloha, Al

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