[CQ-Contest] PACC & CT for NON-PA's

Aurelio Bellussi aurelio at esrac.ele.tue.nl
Fri Feb 13 00:17:04 EST 1998

This message is intended for those who want to participate in the 
PACC contest and want to use CT for logging. This contest will take
place between 12:00Z saterday 14th and 12:00Z sunday 15th febuari.

Replace the data in the ardxdx.dat file by (first make a copy of
ardxdx.dat and rename it):

LB:         LB;          1
NB:         NB;          1
ZL:         ZL;          1
ZH:         ZH;          2
NH:         NH;          2
UT:         UT;          2
GD:         GD;          3
FL:         FL;          3
OV:         OV;          3
DR:         DR;          4
FR:         FR;          4
GR:         GR;          4

Then start CT and choose the ARRL DX SIDE contest.

In the logging screen ALT-Z will show the 12 multipliers/provinces.

The score must be devided by 3 to get the correct PACC score.

Enjoy the contest!

73 de Aurelio-PA3EZL/AA2WH
aurelio at esrac.ele.tue.nl

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