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K7bv at aol.com K7bv at aol.com
Fri Feb 13 00:13:28 EST 1998

 nh7a at radiomaui.com writes:
<< I would volunteer to be on the committee. Anybody else want to volunteer
 and form a committee  of 12 or so? >>
I have been following the discussions here regarding the IARU with a great
deal of interest. The IARU has always been one of my two favorite contests. I
have made DXpeditions 2 out of the last 3 years focused on this contest
because it is so much fun to operate. I have another planned for this year to

I cannot prove or disprove any of the rather agressive claims that have been
made over the last few days. The very fact that they are stated with such
strong emotion, though, tells me that they must be addressed by the
individuals responsible for this event for at least one reason - that being
that so many of my fellow contesters truly care about this contest...like me.

I am personally concerned with the reporting of the contest because a gross
error in the 1996 ublished results kept me from getting my just 2nd Place
World CW standing. Instead I was shown having a total of about 1,000 points
for my P40Z effort. I cancelled my reservations for a DXpedition in the '97
contest over the frustration with the situation. I just read the '97 results -
expecting the error to be corrected. To add insult to injury, no correction
was published. I am damn angy. I feel really sorry for the SP who still thinks
he placed 2nd...

I am a supporter of the ARRL, though, and personally know the staff there
generally works extremely hard to please all of us. I do not have any
immediate answers but find the comments made by Al NH7A worthy of
consideration. I hope our friends at the League do monitor this reflector and
will consider Al's idea. Put me on the list of volunteers...

73 Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV

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