[CQ-Contest] QSL'ing

Fred Laun K3ZO aalaun at ibm.net
Mon Feb 16 12:11:19 EST 1998

When I started ham radio, everybody sent their QSLs direct, usually in
postcard form, and without SASE or other remuneration.  It was the "regular
way of doing things."

I have been a ham for 45 years and I still love QSL'ing.  Just because
times have changed doesn't mean that everything that I used to love doing
has to be thrown on the trash heap of life.  

I still gladly answer QSL's I receive direct with direct QSL's of my own.
And I go through several thousand QSL blanks a year.   

All the talk about how people should send an SASE if they expect a QSL in
return just shows how mercenary we have become as a society.  I can't see
where people are worse of economically than they were 45 years ago when I
started -- most of them are a lot better off.  What we have is simply a
greater degree of selfishness which no amount of intellectual gloss can hide.

Too bad our new hams can't be exposed to the hobby the way it was when I
started.  They are all exposed to a bunch of mercenaries right from the
start.  No wonder they go somewhere else for their fun and the hobby is
drying up.

I can see that those who are managing QSL's for others or for a club
station or special events operation would want to have their expenses
covered, but as for the others handling only their own QSL's, my sympathy
for their presumed financial plight is not forthcoming.

Let the flames begin...

73, Fred, K3ZO  

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