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kalepa at maui.net kalepa at maui.net
Mon Feb 16 21:47:45 EST 1998

Helen (now KH6T, ex AH6GQ) and I (KH6X) recently finished
our new tower and beam instal here on Southeast Maui, and
having started to contest and run long path Europeans every
night we are rediscovering the reality of QSL'ing. We are
receiving big bundles of directs daily in the mail, and the
buro is starting to flow, too. We are overwhelmed, and have
to decide whether our hobby is radio (which we love) or
sending postcards (which we hate). I have a lot of respect
for those stations that can find time for both.

I am of the belief that in the old old days of Radio, when
the first hams tried to get the Post & Telegraph Bureau to
issue licenses, they were forced to make a deal with the
bureaucracy to generate a piece of mail for every contact.
Although I try to honor the final courtesy, I am not exactly
sure why it is still the fashion. An email would make more

Bill Early, WA9AEA was our trusty qsl manager for years, and
saved us much embarassment since our own efforts at dealing
with the cards is equal to our interest level in them. He
has other obligations now, and we search for a new friend to
help us out.

In the mean time, please be patient if you are waiting for
KH6X or KH6T cards, and let us know if we fill out and send
any improperly.


Jonathan Starr, KH6X
Helen Nielsen,  KH6T
kalepa at maui.net

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