[CQ-Contest] QSLing

Ric ricp at pop.ma.ultranet.com
Tue Feb 17 15:52:44 EST 1998

Hi Folks,

While I read the posts here, I seldom post, although I often send
directs where I can help folks with info. But I thought I'd put in my 2
cents worth on the QSLing issue.

First, I love to read Fred's posts. Fred, you have a wonderful way of
addressing the issues and putting things in clear concise form !! Tnx.

I have been in this hobby since 1960, in varying levels of activity. At
present, a group of us ( usually 4 ) put the station on for 4 to 6
contest a year and I do some casual DXing, usually only QSLing thos DX
stations with US managers. Nothing to do with cost, just success rate. I
have had low levels of success with DX direct, even with IRC's and green

I usually print my own cards wwith an ink jet. Yes, a bit time
consuming, but I like to customize for the contest withthe calls of the
ops etc. even Photos and of course YCCC logo for contests ( had to say
that ). Buro seems to be about 1200 per year. Q's are only moderate at
around 2000 per major contest.

Yes, sometimes it is a burden, printing the labels, packaging to go off
to ARRL, etc.

But the bottom line for me is: If someone cares enough to want a QSL
from this station, THEY WILL GET IT. I return like for like, buro,
direct, Domestic or Foreign. I haven't found the postage burden
significant for those FEW who don't send it along. For the few I send, I
always include SASE or SAE and appropriate postage. It comes down to:
How I choose to interact with a fellow human being who has asked for

Enough said !! Maybe this view is useful, if not hit delete.

73 es see you all in the contests.

Ric KV1W

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