[CQ-Contest] QSLs

Tom Wylie wylie at scotsboy.sol.co.uk
Tue Feb 17 12:54:31 EST 1998

I just like to repeat what I said earlier.   I have no problem with QSLing
and still get a kick out of collecting the cards from the buro.

But, as a QSL manager who deals with a lowly 20 or so cards EVERY days (and
I know that some of the bigger managers must do twice or three times that),
those without a SAE get put to the bottom of the pile.   I would much
rather - if you want a card direct,you went to one of the stamp shops and
buy a UK 43p stamp and stick in on your envelope.    I dont need dollars or
IRCs, but a stamped addressed envelope would be good.  It means I can drop
your return card in the post box at the end of my street and dont have to
queue in the post office to exchange IRCs etc.

My post office is a main post office and I always have to take shit from
those in the queue behind me cos I take up so much time.    Please ALWAYS
include a self addressed envelope at least.   Most of the time I cant read
ur writing and rely on the address on the card - which is sometimes out of
date if its and old card,  or if from like Russia only gives PO Box 88 or

How come Russian stations can afford to send a card by REGISTERED POST but
cant afford to send even 1 IRC??   Beats the hell outa me!   I try to post
all cards direct using the residue from american dollars, but I get pissed
when I am supposed to supply an envelope and write it up also - I have more
to do with my time - I like to play radio as well you know......

73 de Tom
Manager for 5V7A/GM6X/GM7X/9H3RT/GM5VG and GM6MD

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