[CQ-Contest] SWL Card Question

John T. Laney, III K4BAI at worldnet.att.net
Wed Feb 18 08:56:53 EST 1998

Hi Mike:  I respond if the information on the card is correct.  I put
"to SWL ua1-001-010 (or whatever ID he uses) on the top of the card. 
Where the call worked goes, I change confirming QSO with to "tnx ur
report of QSO with".  I delete the 2X by SSB or CW and put "SWL" where
the RS or RST would go.  The idea is to put all of the QSO info on the
card and confirm that the SWL correctly reported the info.  If you are
replying via the bureau (most DX QSL Bureaus have SWLs as members and
you won't receive many via the bureau who can't get a reply the same
way) put the SWL ID or call on the reverse side of the card also and put
it with the QSL cards for that country when you are alphabetizing your
outgoing cards.  You try to make the SWL ID obvious so that the card
doesn't get sent to the bureau for the ham you worked, but for the SWL
who sent you the card.  Congrats on the SWL card.  When I was checking
into the motel in Calif for WRTC 96, one of the first hams I saw said: 
"CPT John T. Laney, III."  And I found out that he was an Eastern
European ham who had received a reply to his SWL card from me when I was
HL9KQ in Korea in 1968-69.  It was his first reply to a SWL card and he
had it memorized all these years.  So you can encourage would-be hams by
responding to their correct info SWL cards.  73, John K4BAI/8P9HT.

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