[CQ-Contest] New Band Changes Ideas?

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 21 20:42:50 EST 1998

Ok here are some thoughts from a Tech Plus.
 IMHO the idea is not a good one as some else said there would be no 
incentive to upgrade. I have been working on getting my code speed up 
for a long time, but code is a chore for me and unless something clicks 
I will never be a CW op.
  I hear other Tech plus' griping about the code requirement and saying 
that CW is an outdated method and should be done away with. I disagree I 
remember when you needed a license for 11 meters (yes there use to be a 
license for CB ops too) my call then was KAEW ther was no cost or test 
but you requested one from the FCC. When the license was no longer 
needed 11 meters went into what we hear today. I would hate to see that 
on the ham bands.
  I was agaist no code techs also and we see that even though there are 
more techs now most stay above 30 mhz and never get on HF and never plan 
  If they gave us Tech PLus more bands would I use them heck yes I would 
be a fool not too but I think things are fine the way they are I am 
still working on my code and some day I'll make it and who knows maybe 
I'll start to like CW and get into the CW tests but for now I still 
remain the most limited contester on the reflector. 100w 10 meters only 
and a vertical. But I'll make it up there with the rest of ya I won't be 
a big gun but at least I'll be trying
FYI the next FCC test close to here is March 28 wish me luck
Rick Bullon

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