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Matt--K7BG aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Mon Feb 23 07:53:45 EST 1998

>Reminds me of ol' J79MD (SK) who used to say "I'm not in the contest
>but you're 59-08, or so they tell me" -- this was the abbreviated
>version of his I'm not in the Contest monologue -- yet during the 80's
>he would be on working the troops every year in CQWW SSB and going by
>call areas.  You could tell he enjoyed lecturing the pack.
>Every year I looked forward to working him so I could say "J79MD this
>is N5AU.  You're 59 near Dallas, Texas.  Name here is Trey.  And just
>in case you're collecting numbers for the contest, you're 59-04."
>Like clockwork, my efforts were richly reqwarded with the "I'm not in
>the contest" monologue, extra long-play version.
>It's all a question of sematincs.  Just get on, work guys, have fun,
>and keep grinning.
>--Trey, N5KO

I used to tune in KH6BloomingZipperFlipper in phone contests and just
listen to him work guys with all kinds of "non-contest" remarks. Very
entertaining, and humorous. LOL'd alot.

73, Matt--K7BG
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