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Peter_Broughan at loyyangpower.com.au Peter_Broughan at loyyangpower.com.au
Tue Feb 24 19:15:02 EST 1998

Gidday from Traralgon,in Gippslans<Australia.

                         I have been watching the debate regarding the
bands being given to lower class operators,,,however apparently the push
was defeated...

          It has always surprised me that the unrestricted class operators
both in the States and Australia try to keep the Lower Classes out of the
"earned Bands " The argument is that the lower classes have no CW so keep
out...But we have passed our CW so we are more qualified..

                                   Now ,I am not trying to get the CW
debate going however it has always seemed strange to me that an
unrestricted licence holder can let an operator who has no idea of CW
,radio theory,regulations operate on the hallowed bands as a second
operator yet a person who has regs,and theory is forbiden to use those same
bands ...Surely the licenced operator is more qualified than a second
note I am not stirring the pot,but it must seem strange to Some Of You...

                         Catch you later,,


     By the way i am an unrestricted licence holder in Fiji..

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