[CQ-Contest] QSLing

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Wed Feb 25 00:07:30 EST 1998

Why do we bring up this issue over and over again.

I KNOW for a fact that most station do appreciate getting cards, especially
if it is a nice color card. I send out cards for each contest QSO. Many
have told me how much they appreciate that. If you don't like it, you don't
even have to collect the crads from the bureau. But I'd rather think of the
majority who enjoys the cards, than thinking of the few who think it is a
problem receiving too many cards.

BTW I enjoy your cards as well, but it is up to thge individual to either
reply or not.


John, ON4UN

BTW Marc, most good logging programs have such facilities like you describe.

At 18:25 2/24/98 +0100, you wrote:
>At 10:03 19/02/98 -0000, Alastair Beaton, GM4BAP wrote:
>>Some contest stations (and others) practice "saturation bombing" - QSLing
>>everyone they work. 95% of the stations probably don't want the card, most
>>feel obliged to reply, and most received cards eventually go in the bin. 
>My program sends only one QSL on each band, each mode.  It cannot be that
>difficult to put this other logprograms.
>Anybody of the program guru's thought of that yet.  I wrote mine myself in
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