Eugene Zimmerman ezimmerm at erols.com
Sat Feb 28 15:42:07 EST 1998


You may have sent this at least in part in jest.  But there is a serious

This may sound like a good idea but it is probably not.   At some point,
different for each individual, sleep deprivation will cause you to function
so poorly you would be better off sleeping for a short period of time.
Along with the sleep deprivation comes some real loss of reality -- akin to
hallucinations.  With the log checking at least in the CQWW, getting really
tight, the last thing you want to do is think you have worked someone that
you have not.  This will NOT be a matter of choice or creative logging  -
you will really think you have worked a particular call when you have not.
To the database computer and the log checker it will be a bad contact for
which you will lose the Q points, penalty points and perhaps a multiplier.

Worse yet for those hired guns who need to go home after the contest, you
may think you are fine but it could be really dangerous to drive a car, for

73  Gene  W3ZZ

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