[CQ-Contest] CW interface-IC751A

Fredrick R. Gern k2fr at juno.com
Sat Feb 28 15:50:15 EST 1998

I have an Icom 751A and have been
trying to interface the rig & computer
for use w/CT or NA. Using the standard 
type interface (Printer port w/resisitor,
transitor etc).  Murphy lives here: plug
in the interface and rig keys - dashes.
Turn on the built in keyer and they become
dots! This is without the computer connected.
  Connect to the computer and it is still
keying and the function keys w/tprogram set
for keying via LPT1 does NOT work.
An EE  friend built me another interface:
same thing.
  751A keys via a stereo plug to the rig.
Changed the resistor from 1K to 10K same 
problem.  Paddles word fine. Tnc (KAM) keys
cw fine.  Icom Reflector provided NO answers.
Figured contesters ALWAYS know what is happening.

Fred, K2FR

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