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their complete devotion to their local
>2 meter repeater as though that were the entire Radio Universe; their
>clamoring for more privileges without putting out any effort for an
>upgrade (is this the welfare state syndrome: gimme, gimme, gimme?), I
>am inclined to increase the requirements:  Perhaps we should go back
>to the 1 year HF CW only license of the Novice, remove HF privileges
>of the No-Code Techs, and provide them with a real incentive to upgrade.

Exactly.  Should someone be authorized to drive a semi-tractor/trailor
because they earned only a motorcycle license?

>On the flip side of the coin:, get off our duffs, get on the Novice
>bands, contact those Novices that are trying to improve their code
>speed, and upgrade, and give them QSOs; go out and recruit youngsters
>(that have upgraded) into the wonders of the challenge of contesting
>and evangelize our sport of contesting (and it is sport!) to these
>and other General and above hams.  Go to the local clubs and give talks
>on the wonders of contesting and of talking to hams all over the whole
>world, not just in our back yard via the local 2 meter repeater.  Do
>everything we can to increase other's enthusiasm for the sport and
>avocation.  But please don't open the flood gates just to get a drink
>of water.

Well said.  It needs to be understood that change is inherent, but people
resist change.  There is obviously a change, but I don't think I've seen
anyone come up with solid, reasonable solution to the question on how to
handle the situation.  We need these people for Q's in the contests, and
something needs to be done.  Action needs to be taken before it all falls
apart!  My wife (a no-code tech) loves to contest (M/S), but can't/won't get
motivated to upgrade.  This can be a great thread if people will look at the
big picture and accept "what is", and "what needs to be done".  We also need
the help of higher authorities to get off their butts and pass a new

73, de Rick N9THC
n9thc at foxvalley.net

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