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ALAN KAUL alan.kaul at worldnet.att.net
Sat Feb 28 20:38:51 EST 1998

>> Does a second receiver count as a second radio? 

>    The rules only reflect transmitted signals. I think a rx is not
>considered a "radio". Perhaps changing Gary's categories to "transmitters"
>would make it very clear. 

A second receiver (tuned to 10M for example as a ''band opening
offers a tremendous advantage.  Perhaps the categories should be changed to
VFO's .... and not just transmitters (which then would include rigs with
abilities to tune two frequencies simultaneously).  Afterall, if you learn
from packet that another band is open that puts the entrant into an
"assisted" category.  And I don't see much difference bewteen monitoring 2M
and/or 10M, or 15M or 20M, etc., while transmitting on another band.

And as for all the discussions about contesting with Tech pluses in the HF
phone bands -- better get used to it, because I don't know if it'll be 2
years, or 10 years, or more, but be assured NO CODE HF PRIVILEGES ARE JUST
A MATTER OF TIME.  I'm not trolling for flames, just stating what I think
will happen to HF in the not-too-distant-future.  You might have noticed in
QST (the ARRL Board minutes) that a measure recommending to the FCC
abolishing Novice and giving Tech-plus new phone privileges on 80 and 15
was defeated by the board.  There was a time when such a proposal wouldn't
have gotten one vote at the ARRL -- looks like it got 4.  And the FCC
doesn't always follow the ARRL's recommendation -- sometimes it's way out
in front!

73, de alan

Alan Kaul, W6RCL, LaCanada-Flintridge, CA
alan.kaul at worldnet.att.net
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