[CQ-Contest] TWO entries in ONE Contest

Vladimir A. Gordienko gord at kron.donetsk.ua
Wed Feb 11 10:22:13 EST 1998


Hello Contesters!

Could you imagine: somebody seriously works as a single operator on 40m
and 80m, or on 20m and 40m, or on 80m and 160m bands during one Contest?
I think that is impossible. Could you imagine: somebody seriously works
as a single operator on 10m and 160m, or on 10m and all bands during
one Contest? I guess that might be.

The story. It was in 1996. I was going to take part in the Ukrainian DX
Contest in SO 15m MIX category. The contest begins at 12:00 UTC.I started
to work on 21MHz, but because of bad conditions and low contest activity
my contest was finished in a couple of hours.I thought: what I have to do?
I decided to continue my job on the other bands,first of all to support the
contest activity getting fun and I came back to 15m next morning. Finally
I sent two logs to the contest committÅe, one for 15m entry and another
for all bands entry. What did happen later? Then I got the Results,I was
surprised:I was placed first in SO 15m MIX category and 3rd in SO MB MIX
category! My friends contesters noticed me something like these: " You
should not send two entries in one contest", "You must send one log for
your entry and another one as a check-log". Mmm...I guess they are right.
But,if me or someone else have any real ability to make two entries in
one contest, so what is actually wrong ?

73! Vlad  UT1IA
(RB5IM formerly)
e-mail: gord at kron.donetsk.ua

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