[CQ-Contest] on 3.795???

Ralph Bowen rbowen at iglobal.net
Mon Jan 19 03:27:06 EST 1998

Ken is right on here.  We gotta be diplomatic and stay within certain
guidelines.  There is no reason to have domestic contesting between

Noticed quite a bit of SSB NAQP activity below 1843.  More fuel for
the self proclaimed contest haters.

73,  Gator  N5RZ

Ramirez, Kenneth (EXCH) wrote:
> Some of the actions and attitudes of a couple of the NAQPers in the DX
> window last night was deplorable. I find myself increasingly on the
> other side of the argument each time I tune around during some of the
> contests. Some of you guys are digging a deeper grave for contesting
> with the "the hell with everyone else" attitude. To all those who did
> not know about the 3790-3800 75m DX window and quickly QSYed a hearty
> THANK YOU from the rest of us with multiple ham radio interests. Thank
> you for being considerate and good sports. Your calls will be looked
> for in the future.
> 73 Ken N4UK

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