[CQ-Contest] Register Your NAQP CW Teams - Quick!

Bob Selbrede k6zz at ccis.com
Fri Jul 31 20:31:19 EDT 1998

Hi Folks,

Just a quick reminder that time is running out to get your NAQP CW Team
Registrations sent in.  They must be E-Mailed to me or postmarked before the
beginning of the contest (1800Z, 1 Aug 98).  I have only received
registrations from the following:

Weekend Warriors Team 1 & 2
Flkorida Contest Club Team 1
T.A.C.O. Team 1 & 2

That's it!  Nothing from the TCG, KCG, TDXS, SCCC, FCG, PVRC or the other
regular participants.

If you need a copy of the rules and/or wish to review the records, you can
obtain this info from the NCJ Web Site at the following URL:


As in the past, E-Mail submission of logs is encouraged and should consist
of an ASCII Text format Summary Sheet and Log to k6zz at ccis.com (CW only).
Log submission info is contained in the rules on the NCJ Web Site.  If you
have any questions or need any information regarding the NAQP Contests, drop
me a note.  Good luck and have fun!

73, Bob K6ZZ
k6zz at ccis.com

PS, the same info applies for the NAQP SSB Contest on 15-16 Aug 98.  Team
registrations and logs go to Bruce, WA7BNM.  His E-Mail address is
bhorn at hornucopia.com.


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