[CQ-Contest] Post Contest Corrections

Martin Luther MartinL at AppDes.com.au
Wed Jul 1 12:00:37 EDT 1998

Doug KR2Q writes....

In all my years of contesting in the CQWWDX contest, I have ALWAYS
understood that post contest MODIFICATIONS of callsigns is NOT ALLOWED.
When the conteste is OVER, the contest is OVER.

I agree.

My new interest in CW contesting has raised some of these issues in my
own operating. On phone I am super confident and can get needed fills
and am confident my error rates are under control.

Now on CW I am like the new kid on the band. I am not confident about my
operating skills. I am not confident about getting fills for missed, or
suspect, letters in calls.

The result is that I found myself actually using the database in a bad
way. I don't bring up the super check at all just the partials for this

I pulled myself up copying ja3xxy the database showed ja2xxy so I just
changed it and did not reconfirm. By the time I realised what I had done
he had gone. I made note and changed this after the contest .........to
a zero point qso. The error here was not using the database. The error
was in not actually copying the correct call over the radio. I should
have queried the call and then corrected it. 

Immediately after the contests there appear on the reflector lists of
QSL addresses, my first reaction? Oh dear did I copy 5H5SSH correctly.
I'm sure it was SSS. The temptation is there to change the error. In
this case I don't even zero point it. Just accept that I made a boo boo!
Try harder next time. 

On phone I would arrogantly assume that I got it correct. If it was
different from what I copied I would assume there was a typo in the
qsling list!!!! Hi!

Doug's rule is clear cut and there is no doubt what we should do. Of
course there will be exceptional circumstances such as the hard disc
crash at wrtc but exceptions make bad rules. 

We can all make exceptions within the limits of our own conscience. Most
of the time in radio contests we are competing with ourselves anyway. 

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