[CQ-Contest] The contest has ENDED !!

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Fri Jul 3 04:50:50 EDT 1998

 I promised myself I was DONE with this thread....having stated my views
 already, but it continues to stir:....see below:   de  K5MM:

At 06:24 AM 7/3/98 -0400, W4AN wrote:

>Let me try to refocus this discussion.  

>1.  Is it OK to tape record the contest and play it back after the 
>contest (before sending in the log) to correct copying mistakes during 
>the contest?
>de K4OJ:  IMHO - No Way!  The contest is a test of ability to make QSOs in
>real time.....not a few hours here and there afterwards...under pressure
>REAL TIME - NOW - FOCUS - ....as in competitive amateur radio.
      de K5MM:   It is ABSOLUTELY OK to tape record a contest and play
       it back after a contest.  Here's an example.  At the opening of CQ-WW-CW,
       I work VR2DG on 20 meters.  He sends his call as VR2DG the first time
       and the second time as VR2BG (at least real-time that's what I THINK
       I heard him say, amongst all the QRM, QRN, etc.).   I log him as VR2DG.  
       He vanishes before I can get him to correct his own call sign, so it's 
       a coin-flip which one of the calls I choose to log his as.   I am in
       his log, 
       but I've written his call sign down WRONG in my log.   A few hours later 
       I work him on 40 meters, and I get
       VR2BG when he signs his call sign.  Next day, same thing on 15 and 10.
       You can bet your sweet ass that I'm gonna go fix that 20 mtr QSO and make
       it right.  AND I'll probably do it after the contest is finished,
       AFTER I've
       listened to my tape of the contest.  There are hundreds of other
       of this kind of QSO too.  This is especially true when using PC
       logging s/w.
>2.  Is it OK to gather a bunch of logs of say other club members, stick 
>them in to a database, and generate information about the logs before 
>they are sent in to the sponsor?
>de K4OJ:  NFW (do we need an explanation of that abbreviation?) For the
>same reason as above - it is the measuring of the operators and their
>stations during real time that we are comparing...to some extent this
>ensues that the old guys (oops) have an advantage due to their accumulated
>knowledge....if only I could get a download from K3ZO's brain!
>      de K5MM:  I don't give a hoot about this example since I've never
        done it, and don't know of anyone who has.  The Contest Logging
        programs do provide for a 'partial' callsign check, and that was put
        in there to be used by the users/operators.  So long as the operator is
        not 'padding' his log with call signs that he didn't work, it's okay
        me if he wants to check his log against a data base.  It's also okay
        if he
        corrects a few (even a lot) of call signs that he has typed/written
        initially.  Over the years it's been common practice to get on 2m FM
        after the contests with the local guys and shoot the breeze about the
        contest, who worked what, etc.  That's GOOD for contesting, not bad.  

       Jim, you state that the objective of a contest is to make QSO's "real 
       time".  That is NOT what the rules of ANY contest state.  The rules say
       work as many of the other guys as you can in a given time space, get
       them in your log (the contest sponsors EXPECT them to be in there
       accurately), and send the log in.  Something like that.  There are NO 
       WORDS about real-time.

       By the way, if you want a REAL TIME competition, go to the ham-fests
       and copy the Kansas City DX Club call sign tapes, or copy (write down)
       cw at 60+  wpm and turn it in instantly after the tape is finished..
       real time contesting.  Not radio operating on the weekends.

       If I work G4BUO on 80 meters (me on the USA west coast), and then an 
       hour later on that exact same frequency I hear a pile-up working a much
       louder signal from G4BUE .....Am I supposed to roll my eyes and tell
       myself (trying to be lilly-white -- no pun intended here)...Oh....WTF...
       I misread Chris a while ago and thought he was Dave.....so I've screwed 
       that contact up and will just have to miss that multiplier/QSO.
       if I call him again, he's gonna say I'm a dupe and he won't log me
       the other guys on the frequency are gonna harass the hell out of me
       I worked him some time earlier, and CHRIS may not even come back to me
       because he knows we already worked each other..  GIVE ME A BREAK!

       I'm gonna correct my log, either now or later, but before I turn it
       in to the
       contest sponsor.  I'm in his log, and he's gonna be in my log
       accurately, too.  

       As I see/read it, you guys are suggesting trying to micro-manage EVERY 
       BIT of contest information that is produced/used during a contest,
       the big DX Contests......even what operators are THINKING.  I would
       that you focus on establishing a LEVEL OPERATING FIELD, keep it
       simple & fun, ask everyone to strive for log accuracy BEFORE they turn
       their logs in, and let guys work the contest.  If YOU GUYS want to 
       operate/check/massage/behave in a certain way, good for you.  But I 
       would suggest that if you are considering calling others CHEATERS 
       because they turn a log in that has been 'massaged' a bit after the
       you are in for some pretty heavy verbal/written artillery.  AND, you will
       certainly impede the growth of new folks wanting to get into radio
       because YOU will call them cheaters if they submit a log with some 
       correction that YOU deem inappropriate.

       Dale  K5MM

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