[CQ-Contest] The contest has ENDED !!

Van Sias wa7fab at cdsnet.net
Fri Jul 3 12:34:55 EDT 1998

Jim White, K4OJ wrote:

> Dale, I am really upset to see you think that striving for accuracy is
> unrealistic and that we should be allowed to massage our logs after
> the
> contest.  You think my view of post contest log massaging is
> unrealistic
> and that it will scare away newcomers....

blah, blah, blah, blah....

Geeze, come on guys, amateur radio is a hobby...I am beginning to think
there are too may A types on the reflector.  If you think we casual
contesters are going to tape record the contest, loose sleep over over a
misplaced mult because the program doesn't recognize a weird prefix,
stay up all night on a dead band for one more q,  make sure every call
is in the FCC database, worry if some guy missends his call or you hear
it wrong,  wonder about the cheaters, jump out a first story window and
commit hari kari because we hear someone in the section a couple hundred
of q's ahead at the tail end of a contest, you're nuts!  My suggestion
is do the contest, print the log, send it in and let the chips fall
where they may.  Just have a good time.  We are NOT talking about a
nuclear exchange, its ONLY ham radio!  Lighten up.  You guys on this
thread  are increasing my blood pressure, not lowering it.

Van, K7VS (formally WA7FAB) --- Contesting for Fun Committee


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