[CQ-Contest] IARU Electronic Log Submissions

Kennamer, Bill, K5FUV bkennamer at arrl.org
Thu Jul 9 15:20:00 EDT 1998

This weekend the 1998 IARU HF World Championship will be run. We hope to see 
all of you participating this year.

For those participants who will be submitting electronic logs by E-mail, 
here is the preferred format to help us identify which logs we have, and 
where they should go.

All logs should be sent to:

contests at arrl.org

You will get an automatic response. The response indicates that we have 
received your correspondence. The remainder of the response indicates how we 
would prefer the logs to be filed. Your logs are not reviewed when received, 
but we will contact you later if there is a problem with format, etc.

When submitting logs, please put in the subject line:

Call Contest   Mode Class

as in the style:


For the IARU Contest, modes are PH, CW, or MX
Class is SO, MS, or HQ

Please attach files to your message. At present, we can*t accept logs of 
over 100 QSOs with embedded text. This is a software problem that our 
Information Services Department is working on. Until the problem is fixed, 
we need the attached files.

Attach the files Call.sum and Call.log to the message body, in the style of: 
K1NO.SUM and K1NO.log.

Special Note for US stations: Please use a text editor and put your ARRL 
Section on your summary sheet. If it*s not indicated, we have to guess, and 
sometimes we guess wrong.

Information on the desired file format may be found at 

In the future, we will be enhancing the log gathering procedure. For now, 
using this procedure will help us to better serve you.


Bill Kennamer K5FUV
Membership Services Manager

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