[CQ-Contest] Log Massaging Doesn't Work

Jim Kehler kh2d at kuentos.guam.net
Mon Jul 13 07:10:01 EDT 1998

After reading the opinions on this list and doing some thinking
during the IARU contest, I have come to the conclusion that 
log corrections after the contest are not going to increase 
anybodys score, except in the case of obvious typos.  

Why ? Here's why.

Case One: The Mysterious BV2 Station

I worked BV2Y a few hours into the contest.  He gave me 'CTARL'
as an exchange.   Hours later, on another band, I hear BV2YA 
giving 'CTARL' for an exchange.  Listened to him sign his call a 
dozen times.  Worked him, put him in the log and started thinking
maybe the first time I missed the 'A' on the end of the call ?????
Then near the end of the end of the contest, I again hear BV2Y
giving out 'CTARL'.  Who did I work the two times I logged BV2 ?
You tell me......

Case Two: Slim or I'm Tired of PORTABLE ZERO ?

I worked W1AW/0 on 20 meters.  I think I heard him on another
band but couldn't work him, which band I don't remember. Near
the end of the contest, W1AW calls me on 40 meters. No portable
zero anymore.  Gives me ARRL and I log him, and then ask him 
'R U PORTABLE ZERO' and he says 'YES'.  So I logged him as 
W1AW/0.  Did I work W1AW/0 on 40 meters or did somebody 
just get tired of being whomever they really are and decide to 
be W1AW for a while ?  If I REALLY worked W1AW on 40 meters,
and logged him as W1AW (which is the call he used when he 
called me) instead of W1AW/0, would I loose the mult to a log 
checker ?  You tell me.......

Case Three: North or South ?

ZL1xxx calls me.  So I give him a report.  Then he comes back
with '599 45'.  Seems to me ZL is zone 60, not 45, so I ask him
to repeat his call.  Again I get ZL1xxx.  One more time I ask for
his call, one more time I get ZL instead of 7L.  I know I should 
log 7L but thats not the call he is giving me.  Is the spirt of the 
contest to work the guys who call you with the calls they are 
using, or use your ESP filter to figure out who can and who can't
send CW ?  You tell me.....

How do I know my ESP filter works?  Easy. Two dozen times I 
sent 'QSO B4' and I got back 'TU 599 xx'. So I conducted a 
a scientific experiment.  When one guy called me for the sixth
time on the same band I sent '599 64 UR FEET STINK ES U
DONT LUV JESUS' and I got back 'TU 599 xx'. 

Anyway, Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that my abiltiy
to submit a correct log is MORE dependant on the ability of the 
people I work during the contest than it is on my OWN ability.  
Which BV2 did we work ?  No amount of guessing or computer 
comparison will answer that question. The good news is that we 
are all suffering with this same handicap. So I'm just going to send 
my logs in as is, and if other people want to spend a week trying to 
fix thiers, it won't bother me in the least.

I heard a guy calling CQ on 20 meters the other nite at 40 wpm 
with his Golden Speed Racer Vibroplex Speed-O-Matic Morse Code
Dot Bouncing CW Keyer.  I couldn't believe my ears, so I recorded him.
Careful scientific examanation of the recordings has revealed that
he NEVER sent the same call twice....... Who IS this guy ????
6B7HB ? BV75B ? BV756 ? 667HB ? You tell me.....

73, Jim KH2D
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