[CQ-Contest] re: state QSO parties

Dick Frey k4xu at coinet.com
Mon Jul 13 22:10:06 EDT 1998

> Hal W1NN said:
>Some of these state QSO parties are major events with long histories and
>lots of activity.   Putting another QSO Party on the same weekend as the
>Pennsylvania, California, Florida or Texas parties (or, God forbid,
>combining them all)  would, IMHO, merely serve to water down these very
>enjoyable events and would possibly engender resentment on the part of the
>sponsors and participants.

Lessee... that's one in each corner of the country almost.  As long as you
have yer beam in that direction, why not take a few more Q's along with in
other states.  It might be advantageous to all.

Dick, K4XU/7

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