[CQ-Contest] Ethics/post contest massaging

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 13 12:17:45 EDT 1998

A couple situations came up during IARU that caused me to stop and 

Case 1: The Busted Call

While on 20 SSB, the other operator here in our M/S is calling HA0XXX 
(not even the correct country).  After many repeats of the call, we 
finally pass exchanges.  HA0XXX then comes back saying "KK7Germany 
Radio, thank you. HA0XXX contest".  Now, this is obviously a busted 
call.  So we call again and again, and never get through again.

What to do?  We decided, that since the 2-way information was not passed 
and logged correctly, that we would not log the station.  Now, if HA0XXX 
has logged KK7GR, are they then going to get points for that?  Or would 
the best approach be to log it, but make it 0 points and a note to the 
log checker that it was busted?

Case 2: No ears

While running on 40 CW, I had an interesting little quandry.  (again, 
calls changed to protect the innocent/guilty).  N6XX calls me.  I send 
the exchange, and receive a TU 5NN 6 back.  Done.  Later, I come across 
N6YY, whom the computer says I haven't worked.  I call, and get back 
KK7GW QSO.  Hmmm...Did N6YY call me and I logged
him as N6XX? This happened more than once...in fact very few ops 
corrected their call when I sent it wrong...then I asked for it when I 
wasn't sure, and those same ops gave me a different call than what I 

Then there's K5ZD, who called me at 1 AM local as I was in sleep 
deprivation mode.  I thought I'd heard KH7D, and sent that, and he 
corrected it without sending the exchange.  Then I thought I heard him 
send K7ZD, and again, he corrected it without sending the exchange.
It finally clicked that it was K5ZD, and he sent the exchange.  Thank 
you Randy, for making sure that I get it right, and sorry that it took 
so long.

Just my thoughts on what was a fun weekend.


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