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Fri Jul 10 14:46:00 EDT 1998

I think that this has been mentioned before, and I always believed that
it was a good idea. Many people have observed that there are too many
contests - some of which are not well attended for various reasons. I
would propose that there be 10 QSO parties each year - by call area.
Hawaii would be included with the California QSO party in October,
Alaska could be included with the 7th call area QSO party, perhaps on
the same weekend as the Washington State Salmon Run is currently
scheduled, and PR/VI could be included with the 4th call area QSO party.
Sponsorship of the event in each call area could rotate around from one
sponsor to another, rather than having the same sponsor each year, with
the new CQP (or whatever it might be called) the possible exception. I
know, I know...we all have our favorite state QSO parties, etc., but I
think the time may be right to consolidate the activity, particularly
with the next sunspot peak just ahead. The folks in New England came
close when they set the Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont parties on the
same weekend. It would be good to hear from those who participated in
the ME, NH or VT events felt about the additional activity, or lack
thereof. Just my humble $00.02.

We look forward to accurate coverage of upcoming events.

Alan, KO7X

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