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Sat Jul 18 10:48:11 EDT 1998

I think the following IS typical of a contest exchange and "counts."  However,
I would like to point out that this is probably the PRIMARY source of "N"
calls in everybody's CQWW log (esp on bands where SPLIT is SOP).  "N" calls
are THE MAJOR source of point deductions is ALL logs, often 10:1 compared to
Uniques AND Bad combined.  Think about it.

de Doug KR2Q

In a message dated 98-07-16 14:20:32 EDT, TR wrote:

<< So - are there people who believe the following isn't a QSO?
 <ja1abc> JA1ABC
 <k7rat> JA1ABC 5NN ORE
 <ja1abc> 5NN 25
 <k7rat> TU
 This is pretty standard operating procedure.  I doubt any contest rule 
 written would intend to disallow a QSO like this (except for the Sprints 
 which clearly state that both calls must be sent in the exchange).
 If there is an FCC law requiring me to send the call of the DX station,
 I believe I have done that.  Maybe not exactly at the end, but they
 can tell who I am talking to.  
 However, if I am in S&P mode, I might not send the call.  I might 
 only send "K7RAT" and then "5NN ORE".  It could be very hard to 
 say who it was I was talking to if I couldn't hear the DX station.
 Even if the FCC rules say I need to send both calls, I doubt that 
 would ever become standard practice during contests.  This is how it
 has been done for more than 30 years, and I have never heard of anyone
 getting a pink slip because of it.
 73 Tree N6TR
 tree at contesting.com

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