[CQ-Contest] Sending callsigns

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 18 00:55:27 EDT 1998

John et al,

As a perennial S&Per, it seems to me that sending one's call after every 
Q is not only wise operating habit, it's common courtesy to the stations 
who may wish to call you.

Soooooooo often, a (predominately so) DX station will run 10 guys before 
signing, ostensibly in the misguided belief that the 10 guys he might 
want to work already know who he is. In my mind, this is not only bad 
contesting practice, it's downright rude to expect either: passing 
stations to dump their call only to be told they are dupes, or stations 
to hang around for another nine Qs before figuring out who you are.

73 all,


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