Mike no6x at inreach.com
Thu Jul 23 03:17:37 EDT 1998

under some conditions, where
one might not send your callsign after every exchange. This would depend on
the operator and the nature of the pileup. 

Well I had a chance to test this theory on my recent trip to Z3.
I tried to work two guys before each repeat of my callsign, almost every
time I would get someone saying "what's your call?"
I finally ended up just repeating the call after every QSO. Your jaw gets
tired after repeating Z38/NO6X phonetically hundreds of times. 
Allthough I was lucky to get to use Z38X in WPX SSB and that is a much much
nicer call to repeat after every QSO. And I don't think it slowed my rate
one bit. 
In the last 10 meter contest I seen the rate hit over 300/hr and still
signed my call after every qso.
So if there is a case where it is not beneficial, I have yet to find it. 
Allthough what does a dumb kid from California know.
Mike...NO6X aka NM6Q in the contests

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