[CQ-Contest] What ever happened to being proud you were a ham?

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at ij.net
Fri Jul 24 11:54:54 EDT 1998

I was pleased to see another ham in my division was as upset by the recent
ARRL Board's recommendation to the FCC as I was.  His proposal is probably
for naught, but I suspect there are a lot of unhappy hams out there right
now - especially the ones who will be loosing what they have earned...the
Extra Class amateurs.

Here is what he sent me, like I say this may not be the way to go but I
sincerely hope that those who appreciate contesting and are OPERATORS (not
clear channel "shack in the crack" "hams" (<---- I use this VERY loosely),
will realize what is coming...I hope you enjoyed HF operating while it was
around - in a little while I don't think I will wanna go there.

> If anyone is interested in starting a recall campaign against his ARRL
> Director:
> > Bylaw 24 describes the recall process:
> >
> > 24. In accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of the Articles
> > of Association, members of a territorial division may petition for
> > recall of the director of their division. Any League member may
> > give notice of proposed recall by mailing to the Secretary by
> > certified mail a letter to that effect. The fact of receipt will be
> > communicated only to Officers, the Director concerned, the sender
> > and the Election Committee. The recall petition shall be presented
> > to the Secretary not later than 75 days after the mailing of the
> > notice of recall and not later than June 1st of the second year of
> > the term of office. A valid petition shall contain the dated
> > signatures obtained on or after the date of mailing of the notice
> > to the Secretary, and will include not less than 10 percent of the
> > number of Full members voting in the election at which the
> > director was elected or not less than 10 percent of the Full
> > members resident in the division on the preceding December 31st if
> > the director was elected without membership balloting. Upon
> > certification by the Election Committee that the petition is valid,
> > the Secretary shall prepare a ballot asking the single question,
> > "Shall the Director be recalled, yes or no." If a majority of the
> > votes cast are for recall, then the office of director shall be
> > declared vacant. No director shall be subject to more than one
> > recall election during a single term of office.
> Unfortunately, my Director (Frank Butler, W4RH - Southeastern
> Division) ran unopposed in the last election.  Therefore the number of
> signatures needed on a recall petition is 1,559.  If he had been
> opposed, probably around 2,500 or so would have voted...which would
> mean that the recall petition would only have to have 250 signatures -
> a number I'm sure I could manage to obtain in 75 days.  
> This is one reason a Director should never be allowed to run
> unopposed.  If I don't resign my life membership in the ARRL before
> the next election, I will be sure there will not be an uncontested
> candidate in my Division.  No, I don't want to be a Director, but I do
> want to be able to force a recall if necessary.
> The Directors that voted for this proposal were:
> Atlantic - WT3P
> Dakota - K0TO

(I cannot believe Toddles went this way - this is a guy who was a VERY
active contester and had helped start up the original NCJ!)

> Delta - K5UR

(Isn't this the big gun DXer who does so well on Top Band, what's up,

> Great Lakes - WT8W
> Northwestern - NM7N
> Pacific - K6WR

> Roanoke - N4MM

(John Kanode...heah, this guy is a DX Honor-roll guy who used to live eat
and sleep DXing...what is going on here!)

> Rocky Mountain - AG0X
> Southeastern - W4RH
> I would urge members of these Divisions to mount a recall campaign if
> they are so inclined.  If you are in the Southeastern Division, let me
> know and I'll join in.
> Unfortunately, even if these people are all recalled, the ARRL is now
> bound to make its proposal to the FCC.  All those of us who oppose it
> can do is make comments when the FCC issues the NPRM.  And that will
> be fruitless, I'm sure.  
> Yes it is inevitable that the no-code types will eventually have their
> way, but I am saddened that the League would not fight for quality
> over quantity.

Like I say, I dunno about recalling and like my friend suggests, it may be
pointless...but he is dead right when he suggests that there should be
accountability.  I could have sworn that when the Leagues Membership was
polled and that they were Pro-CW.......the actions of last week sure as
hell were not.

The voice of reason appears to have been K4VX, Lew (member of the Contest
Hall of Fame) has always made reference to contesting as a challenge and
his classic NCJ piece where he described that one weekend when the patient
contester who had learned the tricks could strut his stuff would excel. 
Why is it that this kind of thinking is no longer popular.......Ham Radio
has become like our school systems and politicians - excellence in

Let your ARRL Director, the guy you ELECT, know how you feel....it will
take you ONLY A MINUTE to go to their website and answer a
questionnaire...DO IT!

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Jim, K4OJ

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