Bob Perring perring at texas.net
Sat Jul 25 08:39:16 EDT 1998

At 18:23 7/23/98 -0400, Dave Lawley wrote:
>Does anyone know why so many people send TU ? Maybe you think it
>is more polite than R but it takes a bit longer to send, and what we're
>talking about here is efficiency in making Qs. 
Hello Dave,

I think I'll keep right on being polite, even if it might be a little
less efficient, and I think I'll keep right on thanking my QSO's with a
It may sound a bit strange to say, but I feel quite good in being able
to thank someone for taking a moment to make a contest exchange with me.

I would much rather be given a "TU" after a contest contact than a
sharp "R", with the context of "OK, we've worked, now move along."


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