[CQ-Contest] FT 1000MP HELP!

Rod Greene w7zrc at micron.net
Sat Jul 25 08:15:05 EDT 1998

Hi Ron,

Had to laugh!

Similar thing happened to me one time with the 
turn signal switch arm in my old motor home! 
Kid + Alone in MH = Broken turn sig arm....

Glad you got help on the reflector and everything
back to normal.

Hope all else is well.

        73, Rod

At 10:51 PM 7/23/1998 -0700, Monte Stark wrote:
>Hi All,
>Grandkids + 1000MP + Alone + Broke!
>Somehow one of the little darlings managed to twist knobs
>and push buttons on the rig and I can't get it back to
>I have done the Power-on Setting restarts but that doesn't
>seem to do the job.
>Here is the problem.....
>Everything seems OK but the main RX. Main RX will work FB
>in 6.0K and 2.4K positions but when you go to the 500 width
>it sounds like you have just kicked in a very, very narrow
>xtal filter or audio filter. Lots of ringing and so 
>narrow that you have a very hard time getting a sig tuned 
>to hear it.
>I have the extra 250 kz filter in the 8.2 MHz side and have
>turned it on and off with no change.
>Does anyone have any ideas? (It took me 15 min to find the
>squelch control all the way up!)
>2nd RX works just fine.
>73, Ron,     SOWP 5545M,
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