Bill Feidt wfeidt at cpcug.org
Sat Jul 25 10:38:08 EDT 1998

As a perennial third tier S&Per, I have to second this sentiment.
If only the call sign is sent for acknowledgement, I have no way
to distinguish between:

 1. "Yes, I QSL your information -- you're  in the log"


 2. "You're too weak to copy right now and I'm going on with
     my CQing -- you're not in the log"


William B. Feidt (Bill)  NG3K
wfeidt at cpcug.org

On Sat, 25 Jul 1998, Dale L. Martin wrote:

> Having spent much time as the caller in the QSO, I think I feel a
> bit uneasy about the completeness of the QSO if the running
> station 'acknowledges' my report by simply
> sending his callsign to solicit the next QSO.  I WANT
> acknowledgement.  I want recognition that what I sent has been
> received.  A callsign doesn't cut it for me. Throw me a bone, be
> it an "R" or "TU" or whatever, but not just the callsign.

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