[CQ-Contest] contest ID

James P. Cassidy 107770.3462 at compuserve.com
Sat Jul 25 15:09:16 EDT 1998

I agree with the many that have said send the callsign at the end of the Q.
I have tried another variation that I havn't seen mentioned yet. Send
either R or TU and after a brief pause if nobody calls , continue on with
KI7Y TEST .  This hasn't created any earth shaking  results but does
sometimes result in an answer.
The bigger problem than what to do are those that go on for ever without
any ID.  I have a hard time figuring out how so many stations can keep
working a station that doesn't ID.  Must be they are trusting a packet post
or something?  It surely isn't that big of a slow down for a station to ID
at least once a minute even with the biggest pileup.
73 Jim KI7Y

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