Mike no6x at inreach.com
Sun Jul 26 03:11:54 EDT 1998

>Also, when we stop acknowledging friends by name because it might effect our
>score, it will be time to hang up the spurs and take up needlepoint.
>Tom, K5RC/7

Agreed Tom, I try to answer guys by name whenever possible, or in the mist
of mind altering runs atleast aknowledge them. Even if I don't remember the
name. I.e. "how's it goin? your 59 whatever"
And ALWAYS use a simple "THANKS!"
What's the difference between:
"QRZed Norway Mike 6 Queen"
and "Thanks! Norway Mike 6 Queen"
Hey would you look at that, the Thanks is shorter and more polite than just
saying QRZed, either way the pileup knows you are ready for more, but the
thanks just sounds better. At least it does to me, and will always do it. 
(in the fingertips of W4AN)


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