[CQ-Contest] TU / R for acknowledgement

CP2235 at aol.com CP2235 at aol.com
Sun Jul 26 16:55:55 EDT 1998

kg5u wrote:

<< Having spent much time as the caller in the QSO, I think I feel a
 bit uneasy about the completeness of the QSO if the running
 station 'acknowledges' my report by simply
 sending his callsign to solicit the next QSO.  I WANT
 acknowledgement.  I want recognition that what I sent has been
 received.  A callsign doesn't cut it for me. Throw me a bone, be
 it an "R" or "TU" or whatever, but not just the callsign.

I CAN ONLY SECOND THAT!!!  Please think about it. The scenario as described by
ve3bmv ("I will ask for fills when I need one") is just not watertight. It can
be disturbed by QRM or whatever. If I look at the LOTS of wrong calls people
have me in their log with ( I know that from the UBN-report) I really feel
that a little acknowledgement is not wasted time but instead good operating

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