[CQ-Contest] Technique for calling DX in contests

David Jones kk7gw at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 26 19:46:07 EDT 1998

Before I jump into my comments, I'd first like to say that I very much 
admire Trey's operating skills, and almost never disagree
with him, but I have one slight disagreement here.

>If K5TR hears that the DX
>has sent his call wrong, or is even uncertain that the DX has copied
>his call correctly, the proper technique is for K5TR to send something
>like "DE K5TR 599-04".  Note that the call comes before the exchange,
>not after.  Because the DX station is very rate-minded at this time of
>day, he is going to instantly launch his QRZ message (TU, R, hiscall,
>TU hiscall, whatever) as soon as the 599-04 has been sent, which means
>his QRZ message will be "doubling" on top of K5TR's callsign
>correction were K5TR to send the data in the wrong order (such as
>"599-04 K5TR").  This means the DX station will miss the fill and
>possibly mislog K5TR's call, causing K5TR to lose credit for that QSO
>from his log (this type of score reduction is called NOT IN LOG).

Okay.  One slight point here.  I have had many situations (mostly 
because of the double K in my call) where the DX station
will send "K7GW 5NN 25".  I'll respond with "TU DE KK7GW 5NN 03"  
Usually, due to many different factors the DX
station will respond with my supposed call, either K7GW, KK7DW, KK7GR, 
or anything BUT KK7GW.

I believe that there are 2 methods that work best for this.  The first 
is what I use 99% of the time when my call is busted. 

DX: K7GW 5NN 25

The KK is replaced depending on what part of the call was missed.
This will work 99% of the time.  Usually, if the DX station misses 
anything, that long a call is enough to elicit a "CL K7GW?"
and I can get the exchange complete correctly.

The second method is one that was used with me by Randy, K5ZD, and I've 
used occasionally myself.  Example:

DX: K7GW 5NN 25
DX: KK7GW 5NN 25
Me: TU 5NN 3

Either one of these seems to do the job right.  I will agree that 
sometimes the DX station when in a last 10=300 mode won't
always like it, but I believe that for the S&P'er, it will result in 
much less of a busted call rate.

I very much admire Trey, and very much agree with the vast majority of 
statements he makes


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