[CQ-Contest] Technique for calling DX in contests

Eric Scace scace at UU.NET
Mon Jul 27 09:48:52 EDT 1998

Trey N5KO wrote:

Inspired by correspondence with K4BAI, I used the QRZ message "R
HC1OT" for 99% of my QSOs in WPX CW and found that it worked fine.
However here is an example of another type of poor technique I
observed in the contest.  A lot of people have their logging programs
programmed to send the DX's call as part of the exchange, for example:

		"the pack" responds
W1XYZ 599-1234	
		HC1OT TU 599-028   <---  bad technique
R HC1OT, etc

Why did W1XYZ send my call? 

Many people may be unaware that "autocorrect" features on contest
software such as CT will cause the remote station's callsign to be
sent again if a typing change in call field is made between
transmissions.  This tends to occur most frequently at the running
station (rather than the S&P station as in Trey's example).  When
using CT I turn "autocorrect" off and make the program send the call a
second time if I find that I copied it/sent it incorrectly the first

-- Eric R3/K3NA
scace at uu.net

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