[CQ-Contest] Technique for calling DX in contests

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Mon Jul 27 10:30:34 EDT 1998

> Many people may be unaware that "autocorrect" features on contest
> software such as CT will cause the remote station's callsign to be
> sent again if a typing change in call field is made between
> transmissions.

Auto correct has nothing to do with what Trey documented.  Auto correct 
is used when you send the + key for confirming/logging the QSO.  When you 
send your report to a station in CT during S&P you can use F3 or INSERT 
to send the report.  F3 sends only the report.  INSERT sends the other 
station's callsign and the report.  The error being made is that these 
guys don't know to use the F3 key for sending a report during a S&P QSO.

This error is being made regardless of the state of the auto-correct flag.


Bill, W4AN

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