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 > Why did W1XYZ send my call? 

Did you ever hurry through a busy airport and nearly run over someone who is
aimlessly walking about, oblivious to the hundreds of people around them? I
call it "I am the only one in the world" syndrome. These folks have a gift
that allows them to lock out all distractions and concentrate on their own
agenda, in their own way, regardless of the circumstances or who they are
inconveniencing. Same is true in pileups and DX Contests. W1XYZ is in there
making a few Q's, because "I'm not a contester, but I get in there and work
the big boys." His approach to a contest QSO is no different from it was an
hour earlier working his buddy W4XYZ on their daily sked.

Please don't read anything judgmental into my analogy. I have a right to be
annoyed at the guy in the airport if he is keeping me from boarding my flight.
I do not have a right to be annoyed at W1XYZ. It's only a hobby!

Tom, K5RC
The Airport Racer

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