James Neiger jneiger at xtised.com
Thu Jul 30 14:17:34 EDT 1998

My "innovative idea" for the month of July is proposed as a potential
solution to the 1 point - 2 points -3 points inequity inherent in the CQ
WW DX Contest scoring that has bothered some/many over the years.

This pre-supposes that the current scoring IS inequitable.  Does that
require further debate??  For those who believe that answer is YES,
please read no further. 

 For those who think it isn't fair for 9Y4AA to work N6TJ and receive 3
points while 8P6J (a mere 200 miles away, but not any closer to
California) works N6TJ and receives 2 points, or
for those who think it isn't fair for JY7Z to work JA1ABC thousands of
miles away and receive 1 point, while EA9LZ can work ZB2X while he
visually can see Gibralter from his kitchen window and receive 3 points,
my proposal is the so-called Option 5 that some of us "kicked around"
twenty years ago:

All QSO's in your country  :  ZERO POINTS

All QSO's outside your country  :  THREE POINTS

Some will say that the CQ WW will become a European Sweepstakes,
especially on the low bands.  Maybe so.  But everyone still needs the
multipliers (country AND zones) and everyone will still want to work
everyone else since ALL QSO's (out of your country) count the same,
i.e., 3 points.

Should we have a one time experiment to find out??

My proposal to start the  new millenium (some incorrectly believe that
the year 2000 is the first year of the new millenium):


Put all existing CQ WW Records on-hold, and let's try the contest with
Option 5 above for the year 2000, ONLY. 

Conditions should be great, and truly worthy of a new concept.  We have
over 2 years to publicize this, and who knows, it may result in so many
expeditions to the formerly disadvantaged Caribbean, Central American,
and European and Asian countries, all time multiplier numbers
surpassed.  The only ones who should have a legitimate complaint about
this are those who are currently advantaged, i.e., Northern South
America and West Africa.

What say guys??  What do we have to lose??

                          Vy 73

                            Jim Neiger

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