Federico Ricci ik4wmb at sira.it
Thu Jul 30 21:54:24 EDT 1998

	thanks a lot for reminding all of us about that sad story about Europeans
	I've heard that you discovered a software with 'rate-meter' function,
great, what about upgrading to one with 'S I M U L A T O R' capability?
	The rate meter would surely be around 400, you could even win, and no
complaints 'cause of Eu poor-ops......

	I have a question for you: now we all know that G landed ops are the
better of the worst, are you going to pubblish the whole results? I mean,
who is in the middle of the row and who is in the bottom? (within Europe,
of course) 

	In my last cw contest effort, at the rate of 18.33 contacts per hour,  my
wife with the dog came in the radio room bringing a sandwich and cookies, a
coke, and asking how everything was going. The dog started to play with me.
Both killed.

	Now back to grass cutting and the wife car oil changing.

73, five nine nine - STBE - (Sorry To Be European).

Federico Ricci, IK4WMB
Italy, Europe.

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